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Old House Farm logs are available all year round as we stock 800 to 1000 tons of firewood at all times so our customers are never disappointed. If you are looking for logs or kindling for log burners, open fires, fire pits, chimneas, pizza ovens and hot tubs or just want to stock up for the winter, we can supply the firewood you need.

We can deliver to your house FREE of charge within a 20 mile radius of our farm in Kelvedon. Beyond that there is a £2 a mile delivery charge.

  • Two Summers Seasoned Logs
  • Collection/Deliveries
  • High Quality Hay

Our two summers seasoned hardwood logs are of a consistently high standard sustainably sourced from private woodlands, Essex County Council Woodlands and we are licensed by The Forestry Commission.

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At G. A Frood & Co we pride ourselves on selling high quality , 2 year seasoned firewood with availability all year round. Our hardwood logs are of a consistently high standard sustainably sourced from private woodlands, Essex County Council Woodlands and Forestry Commission Woodlands and is licensed to be felled by the forestry commission.

It is all coppiced woodland on regular cycles. Therefore, all of the trees are left to regenerate once cut back. The trees are felled in winter months when the sap is low so there is less moisture to dry out leaving a moisture content of 14% - 20%. Felling takes place during winter months as this reduces any disturbance to breeding wildlife, which we at G. A Frood, care about in todays precious environment.

All of our timber is naturally seasoned for 2 summers. This process prevents tar build up in chimneys and promotes easy and warm burning. Firewood is cut to 10" but we can adjust to suit all of your requirements and desires. The main tree species used are: Hornbeam, Ash, Field Maple, Oak, Beech, Silver Birch, Lime, Sycamore and Cherry.

For Logs/Firewood enquiries, please call Hazel or Gavin on: 01376 349 513 or 07860 826 778


G. A Frood and Co has been cutting and supplying meadow hay for the past 40 years throughout Essex and surrounding areas.

Hay has always been the staple diet for horses and full of nutritional benefits. Horses tend to be more fulfilled and content if they have a supply of good quality hay from which we produce from the beautiful Essex countryside. Poor quality hay may be dusty or contain mould spores which is not recommended for any animals. All of our hay is of good quality and stored in a barn in tight bales.

If you need hay for your livestock, we produce high quality meadow hay that is available in conventional bales and delivered throughout Essex or we supply round bales for collection from our farm.

You are welcome to collect hay from G. A Frood & Co, Kelvedon, Essex where we can load your trailer/pickup. If you require delivery then this can be arranged at very competitive rates.

For Hay enquiries, please call Gavin, directly, on his mobile: 07860 826 778

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